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The Practise of Church

The word Church as used here is meaning the practise of performing Church rather than the Building or People who make up a Church.

I find it strange our Church Services are full of set liturgy, religious practises and a regular routine learned over many years of repetition. Often timed down to the last minute to make sure no-one gets upset and squeezing out almost any chance for God to truly speak to us.

Our Church Services should start with and combine exuberant worship, thanksgiving, praise and adoration towards our wonderful God. Inviting the presence, practise and power of the Holy Spirit to challenge and change our lives, having a huge expectancy and faith and believing that he will do great things each week. A time to wait on God to be refreshed, renewed, inspired and giving the Holy Spirit a chance to speak to us and show us the direction He wants us to go.

After all if God was coming to your Church on Sunday would you perform your usual Hymn / Chorus / Prayer Sandwich? Or would you simply fall at your feet and worship and adore Him sit at peace in His presence and ask Him to help you with your life?

Why then do we act out our routine liturgy each week? I am sure there would be many answers given to this question but mostly it is because we do things the way we do to please people, keep them happy and minimise any discomfort and prevent any upset by carrying on the routine. There is a spiritual blindness which keeps us from seeing beyond where we are at and what we do each week.

Wouldn’t you rather truly meet with God on Sunday rather than follow the usual pattern. Then the service will never be dull you won’t need to look at your watch or worry about any discomfort because you won’t want it to end.

The service should move on to inspiring teaching which challenges to truly grow in God and be all we are meant to be and allow for times to pray in the Spirit for people, laying on of hands allowing the Holy Spirit to minister to all who need it. Seeing the Holy Spirit transform lives, bringing freedom, healing and deliverance will fill you with so much joy compared to a dull practised routine.

Do you know there will even be time for the notices, the children’s talk and the collection and all those other little things we like to cram in.

You see when you let the Holy Spirit enter the service it will always turn out so much better than anything you could have planned.

Going to Church can often be dull… Truly meeting with God never will be.